PolyCarbonate (PC)

PolyCarbonate (PC) Product Description

Polycarbonate isn’t just tough – it’s unstoppable. Combine impact-defying strength with a weatherproof UV shield, and you get a material that laughs in the face of any climate.

Polycarbonate keeps its crystal-clear vision year after year, reducing replacements and lowering costs. But its power goes beyond durability. This versatile hero is easily shaped, molded, and heated, ready to adapt to any project’s demands.

From electrical insulation to structural support, polycarbonate’s exceptional electrical, mechanical, and optical properties offer solutions across countless applications. Choose polycarbonate and choose clarity, strength, and endless possibilities.

PolyCarbonate Sheet or Rod Properties

  • Very good impact resistance
  • Excellent transparency
  • Excellent weather resistance and maintains properties for a long time
  • Excellent heat and low temperature resistance between -40°C to 120°C
  • Light weight (less than half the weight of glass)