Our slogan: "Understanding energy" is an expression of the fact that we consider ourselves a knowledge based company. We really do understand energy.

We Create Win-Win Situations

For Aalborg Engineering Slovakia, s.r.o., product quality and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance. In order to ensure a continued high-quality standard as well as improvement of procedures and processes, Aalborg Engineering Slovakia, s.r.o. is ISO 9001 certified.

Our Quality Assurance covers everything from employees to products and suppliers. We have our own expediting team controlling all aspects of the company continuously – this is the fastest way to improvement.

Our Environmental strategy covers everything from design and manufacturing to assembly and operation. We take advantage of our very extensive experience that enables us to ensure everything is as environmentally viable as possible – for us it is a question of the future of the planet.

We have also committed ourselves to ensuring a safe and sound environment for our employees. We do everything possible to prevent accidents, and avoid all possible risks with regards to the health and safety of each individual employee. Our employees are of the utmost importance to us, also in ensuring the excellence of our products and processes.


Executive Officers

Marian Horvath
Piotr Musial
Albert Kepka


We focus on developing the company in accordance with our vision as being the preferred partner for customized boiler plants on our target markets in Europe and the Middle East.

Our shared values – credibility, empowerment and professionalism – which is the foundation of our company is always in my mind and I constantly encourage all employees to lead the way in creating value added solutions for our customers.