Our work process

We strive to work in a true win-win partnership with our customers by providing them with knowledge, expertise and the most efficient solution in the energy industry.

We emphasize consulting our customers throughout the entire process; from planning and design, to production and after sales service. The sooner we become a part of planning the project, the better we can offer advice regarding our boilers and the various applications, finding the optimal solution.


An all-round engineer analyzes the customer’s needs and specifications and a framework for the total project is made. The sales engineer continues to be an important part of the project to secure a high level of proactive consultancy and efficient internal communication. It is of great importance that the project management receives the right information to make a solid project plan.

Project planning

The project management develops a project plan including a description of the necessary human resources, a time schedule with milestones, a risk analysis and an economical calculation of the total project. An internal expert team is picked and the conceptual design begins.

Conceptual design

This process is fundamental for the success of the project. The engineers in the design phase understand the whole supply chain and take into account what the following phases/steps need. Hereby there is a linear and effective work flow. Within three weeks the majority of the basic diagrams, calculations and drawings are made and the heart of the project is ready for further refinement.


The engineering process requires specific niche knowledge and a great experience in designing unique and highly-efficient boilers. Our boiler solutions are based on safe construction principles and we optimize each boiler solution to the customer’s specific requirements.


When the engineering process is done the procurement takes care of purchasing and negotiation and ensures the manufacturing is outsourced to selected partners. Procurement also ensures that the right materials are bought and can be shipped to the manufacturers in time.


We are outsourcing the manufacturing of our products to a few selected and approved partners according to our strategic outsourcing program. These partners have the same high standards and beliefs as Aalborg Engineering Slovakia, s.r.o. Though we have a trustworthy relationship with the manufacturers, Aalborg Engineering Slovakia, s.r.o. is participating in certain inspections to ensure the right quality, and is reevaluating the manufactures from time to time.


The key assignment is to make sure that the needed materials are delivered at the specified locations at the agreed time. One person is responsible for the transportation of raw materials and another person takes care of the logistics regarding the manufactured goods.

Site work

Aalborg Engineering Slovakia, s.r.o. offers two different solutions to cover the primary needs of our customers. We can either take responsibility of everything from assembling to supervision including QA/QC, management and health & safety or we can offer only to supervise the site work. There is an increasing emphasis on supervision.


We want to be your lifetime partner in energy and focus on long term relationships. We are committed to offer after sales service and expertise after delivery and we give a extended warranty on our boiler solutions.