Package Boilers

For applications within the high-pressure industrial package boilers, we are proud to say that we offer the best available technology on the market.

A package boiler or Industrial boiler is a stand alone application that gets its energy from an integrated burner that, in our design, is fueled by gas or oil. The package boiler is capable of generating large steam output at a high temperature and pressure. The package boiler is capable of operating with variable loads and has a short start up / response time.

There are many appliances for a package boiler, among other the boiler can be used to generate process steam for industrial or chemical processes, or as power generator in combination with a steam turbine.

The package boiler can be used as a peak load boiler, as a supplement to alternative power / heat or steam supply, or as an emergency generator that kicks in when other supplies fails.

Please see description for our SteamGen™ 4 for further product details.