SteamGen™ 10

SteamGen™ 10 is our state of the art HRSG boiler, suitable for industries where there is a large range of high energy consuming processes with waste gas streams.

In projects when the client requires very personalized boiler solution, where energy comes from the very hot process gas, Aalborg Engineering developed dedicated SteamGen™ 10 Solution in a form of robustly and conservatively designed HRSG.
SteamGen™ 10 is designed as a single pressure, two pass recovery boiler principle, with water cooled flue gas ducts. This construction is perfect for very demanding application where the condition and composition of hot process gas varies in a wide range and the boiler must be able accommodate this variation, generating steam in a reliable manner.
The two pass SteamGen™ 10 is as standard designed for 100% natural circulation. There is no need for start-up or booster pumps in any load case.
The SteamGen™ 10  can also be provided as a tower construction boiler. The selection of optimal boiler configuration is made base on the specific site requirement and client’s preferences. Both horizontal and vertical version of the boiler offer excellent technical solutions to the client.

Technical specification

(typical range)
Steam capacity 20-250 t/h
Operating pressure 20-140 bara
Saturated steam temperature up to 540 °C

Product features

  • Custom designed
  • Tower or multi-pass boiler
  • Fast start up and response time
  • Water cooled membrane walls
  • Natural Circulation
  • Fully drainable
  • Fully welded
  • High efficiency
  • Stand – by heating
  • Installation of emission reduction system

Customer benefits

  • Optimised Performance
  • Optimised footprint and high
  • Large turn down ratio
  • Reliable operation in a long run
  • No power consuming pumps
  • No frost damage during stand still
  • Less maintenance
  • Low fuel cost
  • Operational boiler at all time
  • Environmental improvements