SteamGen™ 6

SteamGen™ 6 is a HRSG variation of SteamGen™ 4 which offers the same unique benefits, but has the possibility of having a combined HRSG and auxilliary bolier added.

No internal insulation, water cooled combustion chamber Purification of steam to highest standards

SteamGen™ 6 is a HRSG variation of our SteamGen™ 4, which takes the best design a step further. In general the basic design offers the same unique benefits as our SteamGen™ 4, but the possibility of having a combined HRSG and auxiliary boiler is also a very import feature of the SteamGen™ 6.

Many industrial companies world-wide would benefit from this type of solution. For applications where there is a need for a limited power production, but with a large demand for steam, the SteamGen™ 6 is the optimal solution. With an ability to increase the steam production more than five times compared to an unfired HRSG, this design offers a performance, which is impossible for other types of HRSGs.

In the gas turbine size range 5 - 50 MWe, the SteamGen™ 6 has the ability for connecting an engine or gas turbine, thereby allowing it to have power producing capability. If steam is a lifeline on your plant, the SteamGen™ 6 is prepared for “flying change over”. If required the HRSG can be designed to automatically switch from GT to fresh air operation. This situation will in case of a GT trip secure your process plant steam and continued operation.

The SteamGen™ 6 boiler is designed according to internationally recognized boiler codes such as PED/EN.

Technical specification

(typical range)
Gas turbine size 4 - 60 MWe
Steam capacity < 250 t/h
Operating pressure 20 - 140 bara
Saturated steam temperature 540 °C
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Product features

  • Fast start up and response time
  • Fully welded
  • The design is modular built
  • Water cooled membrane walls
  • Low furnace load
  • Low emissions
  • High efficiency
  • Low water content
  • A well defined circulation system
  • No radiant superheater
  • Fully drainable
  • Easy cleaning of heating surfaces
  • Stand-by heating

Customer benefits

  • Large turn down ratio
  • Less maintenance
  • Secure transport, safe and fast erection
  • High combustion temperature
  • Low emissions, stable circulation ratio
  • Environmental friendly energy source
  • Less fuel costs
  • Fast start-up and load change rates
  • Accurate performance
  • Long lifetime and improved temp. control
  • Limited risk of frost damage
  • Limited down time for manual cleaning
  • Operational boiler at all times