SteamGen™ 4 Projects

SteamGen™ 4 is a horizontal single drum package boiler. For applications within the high-pressure industrial package boilers, we are proud to say that this is the best available technology on the market.

NAM - Nederlands

In July 2008 we signed a contract with the NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatchappij) as buyer and the Scooonebeek Redevelopment team, represented by Jacobs Nederland B. V for delivery of Aux. Steam Boiler, we have delivered our boiler type SteamGen™ 4. The SteamGen™ 4 is located in the Schoonebeck oilfield area, Scoonebeck, Nederland, and the steam produced is used to increase the efficiency of the exploration field by injection steam in the wells. In this way more oil can be extracted from the field.

Project data

Client Nederlandse Aardolie Maatchappij
Location Scoonebeck, Nederlands
Year of commissioning 2010
Boiler type SteamGen™ 4
Steam capacity 220 t/h (Peak load: 242 t/h)
Steam pressure 82 bar
Steam temperature 310 °C
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Scope of supply

  • Boiler and economizer
  • Steam system
  • Drain and vent system
  • Gas burner and fuel gas skid
  • Combustion air system
  • Water & steam sampling system
  • Valves and Instrumentation
  • Design of steel structure, platforms, and stairways
  • Stack
  • Supervision of erection and commissioning