SteamGen™ 6 Projects

SteamGen™ 6 is a HRSG variation of SteamGen™ 4 which offers the same unique benefits, but has the possibility of having a combined HRSG and auxilliary bolier added.

Babcock-Hitachi - Hungary

In June 2005 Aalborg Engineering signed a contract with Babcock-Hitachi Europe to supply a HRSG with supplementary firing for the NYKCE power plant in Nyíregyháza, Hungary.

The SteamGen™ 6 in a design with two steam pressure levels and hot water generation has been selected for this project. Aside from power production the plant will supply process steam for industry consumers and district heating for the city Nyíregyháza.

The contract covers design, procurement, production, erection supervision and commissioning supervision of a dual-pressure HRSG with supplementary firing system.

Project data

Client Babcock-Hitachi Europe GmbH
Location Nyíregyháza, Hungary
Year of commissioning 2006
Gas turbine Hitachi H-25AX
Boiler type SteamGen™ 6
HP Steam capacity 95 t/h
HP Steam pressure 95 bar
HP Steam temperature 542 °C
LP Steam capacity 4 t/h
LP Steam pressure 7.8 bar
LP Steam temperature 320 °C

Scope of supply

  • Dual-pressure HRSG with district heating circuit
  • Gas burners and fuel trains
  • Steel structure, platforms and stairways
  • Flue gas duct and stack
  • Steam system
  • Drain, vent and blowdown system
  • Chemical dosing system
  • Water & steam sampling and analysis system
  • Valves and instrumentation
  • Burner management system
  • Instrument cable installation
  • Erection supervision
  • Commissioning supervision