SteamGen™ 6 Projects

SteamGen™ 6 is a HRSG variation of SteamGen™ 4 which offers the same unique benefits, but has the possibility of having a combined HRSG and auxilliary bolier added.

SAICA - United Kingdom

The cardboard producer S. A. Industrias Celulosa Aragonesa has during the financial crisis made a decision to build a new facility in Manchester, United Kingdom to support their already exiting packaging companies. The project solution was developed during several talks with the technical project team of the customer. In order to cover the needs of this new facility the SteamGen™ 6 was chosen. The outstanding features, rigid construction, reliability and proven performance made the choice very easy.

Project data

Client S. A. Industrias Celulosa Aragonesa
Location Manchester, United Kingdom
Year of commissioning 2012
Gas turbine Siemens SGT 700
Boiler type SteamGen™ 6
HP Steam capacity 95 t/h
HP Steam pressure 95 bar
HP Steam temperature 542 °C
LP Steam capacity 4 t/h
LP Steam pressure 7.8 bar
LP Steam temperature 20 °C
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Scope of supply

  1. One high performance Heat Recovery Steam Generator SteamGen 6 complete with:
    • HP Water-cooled furnace/casing encompassing tube banks
    • HP Protecting screen
    • HP/LP Superheaters
    • HP/LP Evaporator
    • HP/LP Economiser
    • HP/LP Steam drums
    • HP/LP Internal piping
  2. One set of HP/LP external piping in accordance with P & IDs.
  3. One set of HP/LP blow-off pipes.
  4. One set of HP/LP valves, fittings and mountings necessary for safe operation of the boiler and auxiliaries, as showed on enclosed P&ID’s within the battery limits.
  5. One set of instrumentation necessary for safe operation of the boiler and auxiliaries, as shown on enclosed P&ID’s within the battery limits. All safety signals will be 2oo3.
  6. One closed HP and LP drain headers
  7. One open drain header
  8. One set spray type desuperheater for controlling the steam outlet temperature.
  9. One set HP/LP manual operated continuous blowdown valve for controlling the conductivity of the boiler water.
  10. One set HP/LP manual operated intermittent blowdown valve for manual blowdown of boiler water.
  11. One blowdown vessel, including vent pipe, spray-cooler and lagging and cladding for personal protection.
  12. One flash tank for heat recovery, incl. valves, steam trap, field instruments and piping.
  13. One water and steam sampling system for on-line monitoring.
  14. One grid type burner designed for supplementary and fresh air firing on bio methane and natural gas with separate runners, complete with valve train, piping between valve train and burner manifold and PLC based burner management system (BMS) with boiler safety system.