SteamGen™ 8 Projects

In projects where power production is the primary requirement SteamGen™ 8 offers the best and most readily available HRSG technology on the market.

AGE Enerji - Turkey

AGE Denizli Dogalgaz Elektrik Üretim is an independent Power Producer Company. The project is to develop, build and commercially start-up a Combined Cycle Power Plant with an estimated installed capacity of 200 MW. The Generation License has already been obtained from Energy Market Regulatory Authority. Reservations for natural gas and tie-in with the grid at 154 kV level has been done.

The project will be executed in two phases. The plan will be put into commercial operation on Simple Cycle mode at the first stage while erection works of the HRSG, ST and ACC will be progressing for the second stage. On completion of the commissioning works on the steam Cycle side then the plan will be combined with the steam generation for full load operation. The plant is located in Gerali, Saraykoy, Denizli in the Agean Region of Turkey. The AE scope of supply is three (3) identical HRSG SteamGen™ 8 and one (1) common feedwater system.

Project data

Client AGE Denizli Dogalgaz Elektrik Üretim A.S.
Location Denizli, Turkey
Year of commissioning 2012
Gas turbine SGT 800
Boiler type SteamGen™ 8
HP Steam capacity 60 t/h
HP Steam pressure 80 bar
HP Steam temperature 520 °C
LP Steam capacity 12,5 t/h
LP Steam pressure 8 bar
LP Steam temperature 285 °C

Scope of supply

  • HP circuit incl. SH 1+2+3, EVAP, ECO 1+2, steam drum
  • LP circuit incl. SH 1+2, EVAP, ECO, steam drum
  • HP & LP stand-by heating system
  • HP spray type desuperheaters (nozzle/control valve built together)
  • Drain and vent system including piping valves, headers, flash tank and blow-down tank
  • HP & LP chemical dosing units for injection of NaOH to steam drums
  • HP/LP water/steam sampling system (boiler water, saturated steam, superheated steam)
  • Internal piping and valves
  • Inlet duct/diffuser including expansion joint
  • Outlet duct and stack (outlet 35 m above ground)
  • Stack damper (for heat preservation)
  • Steel structures and access ways
  • Field instruments (safety: 2oo3, control: 1oo2, local: 1oo1)
  • Signal cables from field instruments to junction boxes
  • Heat tracing incl. distribution panel
  • Emergency shutdown panel with fail safe PLC.
  • Lagging and cladding
  • Delivery to site, DDU Incoterms 2000
  • Installation supervisor
  • Commissioning & testing supervisor