SteamGen™ 8 Projects

In projects where power production is the primary requirement SteamGen™ 8 offers the best and most readily available HRSG technology on the market.

Bosen Enerji - Turkey

In September 2004 Aalborg Engineering signed a contract with Bosen Enerji to supply a new HRSG for Bosen Enerji's power plant in Bursa, Turkey.

The contract covers design, procurement, production, erection and commissioning of a dual-pressure HRSG.

All equipment is purchased by Aalborg Engineering and the erection work is carried out by a subcontracted Turkish company.

Project data

Client Bosen Enerji
Location Bursa, Turkey
Year of commissioning 2005
Gas turbine GE LM6000
Boiler type SteamGen™ 8
HP Steam capacity 43 t/h
HP Steam pressure 54 bar
HP Steam temperature 425 °C
LP Steam capacity 16,5 t/h
LP Steam pressure 3 bar
LP Steam temperature 220 °C

Scope of supply

  • Natural circulation, dual-pressure HRSG
  • Steel structure, platforms and stairways
  • Flue gas duct and stack
  • Boiler feed pumps
  • Steam system
  • Steam turbine bypass PRDS
  • Drain, vent and blowdown system
  • Chemical dosing system
  • Water & steam sampling and analysis system
  • Valves and instrumentation
  • Instrument cable installation
  • Electrical trace heating
  • Motor control centre
  • Erection
  • Commissioning