SteamGen™ 8 Projects

In projects where power production is the primary requirement SteamGen™ 8 offers the best and most readily available HRSG technology on the market.

Palmet Group - Turkey

The worlds "unofficial most efficient CCPP after GE LM 6000" is now getting a twin installation.

When Palmet Group decided to build the project Delta Enerji in 2008, efficiency was the topic above all. After the plant was put in commercial operation the plant has been announced as the "unofficial most efficient plant in the world" using the GE LM 6000 gas turbine. A part of this efficiency was indeed also the SteamGenTM8 HRSG. This success made the selection of equipment for the second plant rather easy.

Aalborg Engineering is proud to have earned the trust of Palmet Group for this second plant.

The contract covers design, procurement, production, installation and commissioning supervising of a dual-pressure HRSG.

All equipment is purchased by Aalborg Engineering.

Project data

Client Palmet Group
Location Cine Aydin, Turkey
Year of commissioning 2011
Gas turbine GE LM6000 PD
Boiler type SteamGen™ 8
HP Steam capacity 45 t/h
HP Steam pressure 54 bar
HP Steam temperature 437 °C
LP Steam capacity 18 t/h
LP Steam pressure 4 bar
LP Steam temperature 225 °C

Scope of supply

  • Natural circulation, dual-pressure HRSG
  • Design of steel structure, platforms and stairways
  • Flue gas duct, stack and expansion joints
  • HP & LP feedwater pumps
  • Chemical dosing units for HP & LP steam drums
  • Drain and vent system including a blowdown tank
  • Inlet duct
  • Water & steam sampling and analysis system
  • Valves and instrumentation
  • Instrument cable installation
  • Electrical trace heating and junctions boxes
  • Field instruments
  • Lagging and cladding of materials
  • Installation and Commissioning supervision