SteamGen™ 8 Projects

In projects where power production is the primary requirement SteamGen™ 8 offers the best and most readily available HRSG technology on the market.

Siemens - Belarus

In September 2010 Aalborg Engineering signed a contract with Siemens to supply a new HRSG. The SteamGen™ 8 boiler is erected in Belarussia on top of a gas turbine.

In April 2011 Aalborg Engineering have signed a second contract to supply another SteamGen™ 8.

The limited footprint made the indoor plant less space consuming. This arrangement also gave the opportunity of a compact flue gas bypass system.

The contract covers design, procurement, production and supervision of installation and commissioning. All equipment is purchased by Aalborg Engineering.


Project data

Client Siemens
Location Soligorsk, Belarus
Year of commissioning 2012
Gas turbine Siemens SGT 700
Boiler type SteamGen™ 8
Steam capacity 60 t/h
Steam pressure 14 bar
Steam temperature 215 °C

Scope of supply

  • One Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG8)
  • Natural circulation single pressure
  • HRSG with DH circuit
  • Steel structures, platforms and stairways
  • Flue gas bypass system
  • Flue gas ducts and stack
  • Steam and water lines
  • Drain and vent system including piping valves, headers and blow-down tank
  • Water and steam sampling system
  • Chemical dosing system
  • Valves and instrumentation
  • Instruments cables installation
  • Lagging and cladding
  • Supervision of installation
  • Supervision of commissioning