SteamGen™ 8 Projects

In projects where power production is the primary requirement SteamGen™ 8 offers the best and most readily available HRSG technology on the market.

Tupras Refinery - Turkey

Tüpras Izmit Refinery started production in 1961, with 1 million ton/year capacity of crude oil processing and as a result of significant capacity augmentations and investments over the years.With the commissioning of the gasoline specifications upgrading unit in April 2009, the refinery is capable of producing at Euro-V standards in compliance with EU norms. To secure the steam supply, Aalborg Engineering will deliver one SteamGen™ 8 Heat Recovery Steam Generators after one Frame 6 Gas Turbine, as a replacement of the existing GAMA HRSG. To achieve an optimized solution the boilers are supplementary fired. Further the boilers have fresh air firing in the case of Gas Turbine failure.

The contract covers design, procurement, production, erection and commissioning of one single-pressure HRSG.

All equipment is purchased by Aalborg Engineering.

Project data

Client Tupras Refinery
Location Izmit, Turkey
Year of commissioning 2013
Gas turbine Frame 6
Boiler type SteamGen™ 8
Steam capacity 165 t/h
Steam pressure 70 bar
Steam temperature 420 °C

Scope of supply

  • Natural circulation, single pressure HRSG
  • Spray type desuperheaters
  • Steel structure and access ways
  • Drain and vent system including piping valves, headers flash tank and blow-down tank
  • Burner for SF & FA firing including flying change-over
  • Internal piping and valves
  • Inlet duct/diffuser including expansion joint at Tüpras TEG bypass system
  • Outlet duct and stack
  • Stack damper
  • Flue gas silencer
  • Chemical dosing and water/steam sampling system
  • Heat tracing including distribution panel
  • FD fan with turbine drive
  • Field instruments
  • Supervision of mechanical and electrical installation
  • Supervision of commissioning